President’s Corner

Thank you, Laura Zeiner, for a fun project at our August meeting.  The brick stitch pendant is very pretty and I had fun watching the colors of the mood beads change as I stitched new rows.  What’s the mood when the beads turn brown?!? 

We have two more projects (our September 24 and October 29 membership meetings) this year and they promise to be fun, messy, and pretty!  November 26 is our annual potluck and earring exchange.  That is always a fun time! 

Suzy, our Vice President, is recuperating at home from neck and back surgery.  We wish her a speedy recovery and hope to see her soon. 

Don’t forget the current President’s Challenge is peyote with a twist and you have three months to complete it (Sept, Oct, Nov).    Ida


Please come to the Sept 24 meeting. bring a friend, and your creativity.  Remember, prorated annual membership dues if you join mid-year are only $2 a month.  A full year of dues come due every August  ( only $24 for a whole year !! ).

   ( Materials, tools, and supplies to bring to a meeting in order to complete that evening’s project will be posted under NEXT ABS MEETING )

   ( Also, it is FREE to visit our monthly meetings once or twice before actually joining to see what we’re all about. )