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April 22nd - ABS Meeting - SKINNY-SPARKLY BRACELET - Taught Mary Tokumaru | President Challenge - Sunshine Due

Herringbone and Fire Polish Bracelet - Taught Mary Tokumaru



· Delicas 11/0

· Seed Beads 11/0

· 4mm crystal, bicone or round

·      Beading thread (e.g., Nymo, Fireline 6 lb)

·      Beading needle, size 11

·      Beading mat, scissors

·      Optivisor or other vision assistance, if needed

We will be using the Flat Herringbone Stitch.

We have including links to YouTube videos if you’d like to get a head start (or refresher) on this stitch:

Meeting Information:


6:30pm - Meeting Starts - Project

8pm - Member Show and Tell

Meeting will be held at the Sea of Beads.

Reminder - The President Challenge - Sunshine will be due at this meeting.

We hope everyone will come join in the fun. Please let us know if you have any questions.


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