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January 22nd - ABS Meeting - French Beaded Medium Rose


6:30pm - Meeting Starts

8pm - Member Show and Tell

French Beaded Medium Rose



• Size 11/0 petal colored seed beads

• Size 11/0 green seed beads


• 24 gauge petal color

• 30 gauge petal color

• 24 gauge green

• 28 gauge green

• 16 gauge florist stem wire

• 18 gauge florist stem wire


• Floral tape

• Embroidery floss (optional)


• Wire cutters

• Bead spinner (optional)

• Scissors

Medium Rose is part of the Lauren Harper Pattern – French Beaded Miniature Rose. Full Pattern will be provided via email.

Class Homework:

* You will need to print your pattern. Titled Med Rose.

* You have been emailed your pattern for the January’s class.

If you did not receive an email, please let know. We will get you a copy.

* You will receive several other PDF’s to help you with techniques. These do not need to be printed for the class. We are covering just the Medium Rose in class.

* We suggest you preload your wire with your beads.

* You will need two colors the flower color and the leaf color.

* We suggest you load about 30 inches of each color on the same color wire.

An electric spinner will be given away to one lucky member at the meeting.

Location – Sea of Beads 2143 W Anderson Ln., Austin, TX 78757

We hope everyone will come join in the fun. Please let us know if you have any questions.


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