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This Post is to notify you that the membership dues for the Austin Bead Society will increase to $36.00 for the next membership year, effective & due at our August meeting (held at Sea of Beads), 8/28/2023.

Our increase is to assist with the following:

- pay for legal fees in our work to becoming a non-profit 501c3

- host all-day workshops

- eventually host a marketplace for our members

- rent for new meeting location

- updates to website

There are many changes coming to the Austin Bead Society! Not everything will begin immediately, but we're hoping that we are laying the groundwork for fun future opportunities for our members. We are excited by the many new members we've welcomed recently and hope word is spreading about our spirited group!

The ABS Board is always open to input and suggestions - please feel free to email or speak to one of us at a meeting if you have ideas or questions about our happenings.

Payment for membership can be made with cash, check (payable to Austin Bead Society), Venmo, and Zelle. See Sheila when you arrive!

We, The Board, thank you for your continued support!

Bead on and stay cool!


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